The five Amphis Decorative styles

Amphis has five style collections to suit every taste and type of home. We’ve developed these distinct ranges for the Amphis Decorative collection, catering to every type of homeowner. Here is some useful information about our different styles, and practical advice on incorporating them into the home.

Urban Modern

Urban Modern collection of lights, simple and geometric styles

The Urban Modern range blends the classic with the contemporary. Simple, elegant shapes are paired with modern finishes to create something truly timeless. This range brings together a diverse range of pendants and wall lamps that can serve as conversation starters or subtle additions to your space.

This is a collection of pendants and wall lamps that combines familiar and contemporary shapes, and offers the flexibility to hang individually or clustering in groups. These fixtures will suit a minimalist, contemporary or classic style home.

Neo Pop

Neo Pop collection. Bright coloured and trend finishes in pendants and wall lamps.

The Neo Pop collection is ideal for fashion-forward homeowners with a taste for trends. Influences from Bauhaus and other retro styles (such as bright colour schemes, terrazzo finishes, and interactive geometric forms) create bold forms that can still be incorporated into a more restrained space.

This range is all about the unexpected. Bold shapes and thrilling tones combine with ultra-modern finishes to provide an experience that will live long in the memory of homeowners who aren't afraid of colour.


Heirloom collection of traditional fixtures such as grand chandeliers and pendants and wall lamps based on art deco design.

The Heirloom collection is made for customers with high-end style. Art deco forms and luxe fittings pair perfectly with deep reds and dramatic textures for an experience that’s like sipping on a cocktail at a cabaret bar. These fixtures add turn-of-the-century glamour to any space. Transform the ordinary into the opulent with lush finishes and deluxe textures.

These pieces are perfect for homeowners who are aware of current trends but prefer to go their own way. They're ideal for spaces that need grand chandeliers or hints of the past, such as French Provincial, traditional or mid-century modern designs.


Hinterland collection of pendants and wall lamps with industrial, lantern and traditional styles.

The Hinterland range takes you into the trees without losing sight of the forest. Natural colours and textures complement traditional shapes to create something retro and remarkable. Natural forms and rustic textures complement traditional pieces such as chandeliers and wrought iron lanterns to create a style that suits homeowners who have their heart in the country.

These fixtures are aimed at customers that prefer the timeless to the trendy and will complement rustic, farmhouse or Hamptons style homes.


Wayfarer collection of pendants and wall lamps that suit coastal style with rattan, wood and ceramic finishes.

The Wayfarer collection is inspired by those holidays you keep dreaming about, years after you’ve come home. Organic and natural finishes influenced by styles that have stood the test of time are a quiet protest against today’s disposable culture. These designs draw from global cultures, eclectic shapes and natural textures.

Wayfarer pieces are made for the people who want their fixtures and memories to last a lifetime. They'll feel at home in coastal or bohemian style spaces.

Our aim with these styles is to inspire and help you to align with your own style.