Product profile: the Boulevard collection

The Boulevard (BLVD) magnetic track system is the epitome of innovative customisable lighting that remains stylish. We’ve taken inspiration from one of the world’s epicentres of fashion and design, Manhattan, and curated a collection of pendants that show off cutting-edge style.

Access a digital version of the Boulevard brochure and product specs here.

Madison and Harper Pendants Lights

Madison and Harper pendants, popular fixtures in the Amphis Decorative range. 

The Harper and Madison pendants have quickly become firm favourites in the Amphis family and are right at home in the BLVD collection.

Madison Avenue in New York City is synonymous with trailblazing ad agencies and high-end fashion, a moniker that is fitting for this versatile and classy pendant. The linear form becomes a piece of art in itself. Experiment with positioning modules asymmetrically along the track to showcase your unique style. Suitable for lofts or small apartments, Madison’s smaller length will fit into the narrowest of spaces. Alternatively, suspend the longer variant over a dining table or kitchen island for chic illumination. 

The Harper pendant has a simple, circular frame and is available in two sizes. Consider Harper as a feature in interior voids. The smaller diameter will suit stairwell voids, greeting guests as they reach the top of the stairs, whereas the larger diameter will fill the expansive areas of open plan living/dining rooms. If needed, install two or more pendants at varied heights to draw attention up and around the room.

The Mercer And Lexington Pendants
The Mercer and Lexington pendants are new additions.

Completing the BLVD collection are our new Mercer and Lexington pendants.

A starburst chandelier with LED globes gracing the ends of adjustable arms, Mercer is well suited to retro, traditional and contemporary interiors. Because of its classic silhouette, this pendant will adapt to its surroundings. Starburst forms have been seen throughout history in interior design such as art deco and mid-century modernism, but also shine in contemporary scenes. Select the original variant, which comes complete with six globes, or arrange further modules along the pendant arms.

Take a stroll down Manhattan’s Lexington Avenue and you’ll come across iconic cultural, architectural and historical landmarks. The Lexington pendant captures the essence of this corner of the world, sitting comfortably in a luxe living space or juxtaposing against industrial interiors for a hit of eclecticism. Cutting-edge technology enables you to attach LED lights anywhere along Lexington’s square frame. Evenly spaced, clustered, facing up or down; the choice is yours.

Lighting Modules

If you’d prefer a tailor-made pendant you can custom design each of the four frames by adding any combination of light modules. These are available in black or satin brass, and in different shapes. Each fitting simply connects to the track with magnets, allowing you to change their position whenever you see fit.

Access a digital version of the Boulevard brochure and product specs here.

Photography by Nathan Pask.