Product profile: Solna Linear with sensor

As our home and work lives continue to meld, we look to create spaces that we enjoy spending time in, and review how to get the most out of every nook. Whether it’s reclaiming the basement for a makeshift office or clearing out the garage and converting it into a home gym, adapting and decluttering has become a priority. When lighting the rooms that don’t call for standout pendants or stylish wall lamps, an LED batten, such as our Solna Linear, is ideal. Surface mounted directly onto ceilings and walls, LED battens illuminate areas efficiently and economically without sacrificing the quality of the light.


Amphis’s Solna Linear batten is the optimal solution when it comes to replacing traditional fluorescent lighting. Compared to fluorescent battens and tubes, fittings with LEDs use less power, offer longer lifespans and have a superior light quality. Common residential applications include the garage, walk-in wardrobes and storage areas, such as the basement, attic or under stairs. Solna Linear is perfect for storage areas as it has a colour rendering index (CRI) of greater than 80 and a colour correlated temperature (CCT) of 4000K. A high CRI means that the light source has the ability to realistically represent the colour of objects as they would be under natural sunlight. With the index measured from 0 to 100, a CRI of 80 or more is considered ideal and ensures that you don’t appear washed out and your items, clothes and furniture present their true colours.

product and sensor

Another practical feature of our versatile Solna Linear batten is its ability to house a sensor. It’s fully equipped and ready to fit an optional microwave sensor, which means that there is no visible, unattractive passive infrared sensor (PIR) and does not require additional wiring or switching costs. The microwave sensor is discreet and hidden in the end cap of the light. Its high sensitivity can sense movement through glass and plastic, and can be adjusted for daylight, sensitivity and usage times. A motion sensor light is beneficial for security precautions at your property’s exterior and prevents you from leaving the light on accidentally for hours or days, making it handy for pantries, hallways, stairwells and storage spaces.


Not only does the Solna Linear serve functional purposes in residential spaces but it also has multiple commercial applications. With a colour temperature of 4000K, it provides a natural wash of light that is suitable for workshops, carparks, stairwells and storage facilities. Its easy installation is designed for electricians and is available in 600mm and 1200mm lengths.

Don’t be fooled by Solna Linear’s unobtrusive, minimalist appearance. Within its slim design lies a unit of powerful, low-cost LEDs that offer a myriad of uses. It is sure to become a staple of your next project.