How to incorporate a trend finish to your 'classic style' home

Builders Ceiling Lights

At Amphis we understand the importance of maintaining the understated aesthetic of your home. However, there are ways of embracing a subtle touch of heritage to elevate a neutral space. Our Ripple range has been designed to be reminiscent of time-honoured columns and fluted trimmings with an updated charm that suits a minimalistic atmosphere. 

The primary function of lighting is the illumination and brightening of the interiors, but once the basics are taken care of, there is a wide assortment of stylistic choices to explore. Wall lamps are a great subtle addition to the room to enhance the lighting of the space. The Silo lights are beautiful and quirky at the same time. The diffused light glows from both of its cylindrical ends and enhances its ridged surface. 

Silo pendant in sageSilo wall lamp in black

Silo pendant in sageSilo wall lamp in black

In a basic setting, a dynamic piece can be the perfect statement. The Benni, Ptol 300 and the Ptol 200 Long pendants elevate the room’s point of focus yet are timeless in a way that suits every season and future trends. The Ptol pendants are named after an ancient Greek astronomer, geographer and mathematician as this series plays with scale and its shape is reminiscent of an elliptical asteroid.

Benni in dusty coralPtol 200 longPtol 300

Benni in dusty coralPtol 200 LongPtol 300

Minimalist yet expressive, the Benson collection of pendants and wall lamps can enhance any space without changing the dynamic of the room. The smoke-coloured glass and generous ripple form are a way to incorporate this season’s key trends without needing to replace them next season.

Benson 160Benson wall lamp

Benson 160Benson wall lamp

These popular textures are classic enough to remain relevant for the years to come. 

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