Golden lighting tips

Trends are constantly evolving but some styles never change. The use of gold in home decor has been utilised throughout the art deco period to the current modern home. From rose gold to champagne gold, a subtle pop can enhance the look and feel of your space. Lighting always serves a functional purpose, but in certain areas of your home you can create a feature especially with such an eye-catching and versatile colour. 

Bold Gold

Don’t be afraid to make a statement with bolder pieces. Metallic finishes can awaken an eclectic style in your household especially when paired with uniquely-shaped pendant lights. The perforated Marak pendant casts a gorgeous shadow as it’s lit. There’s also the Malone pendant, with its brushed brass fitting, that is ideal for small living spaces. 



Soft Gold

With soft and neutral colours gaining popularity in contemporary spaces, we see more muted gold tones introduced throughout the home. Soft gold maintains its signature warmth but is coupled with a beautiful matte finish. This style is a great choice for many as it blends into almost any decor style, especially in minimalist spaces. The Burlington wall lamp is great for elevating your feature artwork and photos. Our Celeste pendants in brushed brass bring an understated sense of fun.

BurlingtonCeleste Small

BurlingtonCeleste Small

Subtle Splash

If you are looking for something more modest, sometimes less is more when it comes to gold. There are multiple ways to add ambience without imposing on the design of your house, whether it is more of a traditional style home or more modern, there will be something for everyone!


Iver SmallPearl


Cover image from Metricon Doulton display home in Burwood, featuring our Skien pendant.