Create a sanctuary in your bedroom with lighting

Bedrooms are not just for sleep but can also act as a living room, a sanctuary away from communal rooms of the home, or even a home office. The lighting works best when it reflects these different functions, providing you with different moods and experiences, depending on what you feel like at the time.

Cartman natural material pendant


More often than not, the ceiling is the first place you’ll start when planning the lighting for a room. Take the stylish route with a feature pendant, or select an uncomplicated downlight that will illuminate the room but allow additional lighting fixtures and other décor pieces to show off your style. Dimming gives you the flexibility to control the brightness of the room.

Harper contemporary pendant with cone LED fittings Signature wall washer downlight shining on painting

HarperSignature Wall Washer

A great way to add light in a small space is to utilise the functionality of wall lamps. They provide ambient illumination and can also inject a decorative element. Amphis has a range of stylish wall lamps, such as Platze below, and practical fittings that can double as a bedside lamp like Turku. Use the Bellucci wall uplight for a minimalist fitting with a big impact as it bounces light from the wall, up to the ceiling and around the room.

PlatzeTurku wall lamp with black shade and adjustable reading lightBellucci uplight

PlatzeTurku Bellucci

Bedside lighting trends have evolved over the years. Placing pendant lights on either side of the bedhead is a modern take on the traditional lamp and also frees up space on a bedside table or desk. There’s a plethora of options available regarding shape, size and colour so you can ensure they match the design, style and colour scheme of your room.

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Cover image features Onyx pendants. Signature wall washer photography by Jackie Winkelman.