Choosing feature lighting for your dining room

Lumi Lighting

During these winter months, chances are you’ll be spending more time rugged up indoors and may be looking to create the perfect environment within your living room. At Amphis we believe you can always improve the view inside with these lighting tips. We all appreciate the experience of going to a new restaurant with ambiance and atmosphere, so let’s bring that experience home!

A bold way to impress your guests is with a central lighting pendant as the feature of the room hanging over the dining table. These vibrant pendants from the Neo Pop range allow a subtle splash of colour whilst being reminiscent of an era filled with bell bottoms and shag carpeting to give your room a unique edge.

Ravi 25Ravi 20

Ravi 30Ravi 25Ravi 20

It is important to ask yourself when designing this central space: how will it all work together? Often the dining room is more than just a space to eat as it also functions as a space to entertain. Therefore to ensure your room is balanced, you may need simple lights for the areas where furniture or artwork are the features. This wall light has an inconspicuous simplicity yet maintains a slight quirkiness to add interest to your room.

Burton Ball

Burton PlateBurton Ball

It's crucial to keep in mind the impact of surrounding lighting if it's part of your open plan living. Often your kitchen is adjoining the dining area and you may be able to push up your light levels at the dining table simply by turning the kitchen lights on. Therefore, you may only need decorative light fixtures to enhance the aesthetics of your space, such as these playful Eliah pieces.

Eliah in Klein blueEliah wall lamp in sage

Eliah in Klein blueEliah wall lamp in sage

All the lights displayed in this article are from Amphis’s Neo Pop range. Head to the website to view the full collection.

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