7 Interior Trends You Need to Know in 2024

As 2023 fades into memory, we step into 2024 with a buzz of new styles and trends emerging. What's in store? Captivating colours, natural materials and ambiance-setting illumination, to name a few. Without further ado, let’s jump into the trends that await us in 2024, and explore how we can innovate our spaces to stay at the forefront of style.

1. The year of Peach Fuzz

The people have spoken: Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2024 is Peach Fuzz. A symbol of cosiness and comfort, this trend underscores the rising preference for warmth and gentleness. This shift towards calmness isn't just limited to your favourite mug; it's also evident in its adaptability for fashion and home decor. Imagine integrating this calming hue in various elements, from throw pillows to elegant wall colours. To accompany these softer tones, we recommend choosing warmer colour temperatures to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, consider elevating your space by accentuating the colour theme with our Ellui pendant. 

Ellui pendant in coral peach colour, peach walls with white linear pendant hanging over muted green hallway cabinet, white fabric wall lamp installed above a dining table scene with a pink wall.
Left: Ellui fringed pendant. Middle: Silo ribbed pendant. Right: Parker fabric wall lamp.

2. Embracing coastal elegance

Since 2020, the appeal of natural materials and a coastal-inspired aesthetic has redefined interior design. In the post-pandemic era, people tend to spend more time at home in multifunctional spaces, and the preference for laid-back decor, using materials like rattan and woven textures, has emerged as a key trend. This shift is visible in everything from the furniture's tactile surfaces to architectural features that echo the serenity of the coast, such as our Wayfarer collection's pendant lights, crafted with natural elements in mind. These design choices reflect a growing desire for tranquillity and harmony in our living areas, emphasising a connection with nature and effortless style.

Lumi Lighting collection of pendant lamps made from natural materials, woven rattan, straw, sand colour.
Lean into textured coastal style with Amphis’s selection of organic pendants and wall lamps from our Wayfarer collection.

3. The surge of sculptural art

Moving away from traditional flat artwork, sculptural pieces are increasingly popular for their ability to add depth and character to any home. The role of lighting in showcasing these pieces is critical and almost as crucial as the artwork itself. Strategically placed spotlights or accent lighting can illuminate these sculptural works in a way that enhances their form and texture, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow. Try the Cambio Pinhole to lead the eye to your treasured items. This approach not only brings the art to life but also accentuates the room's aesthetics, unifying the entire space.

Textured wall art hanging in a living room, three timber sculptures on a table, Cambio Pinhole downlight
Left: Textured artwork by Michele Luminato. Photography by Fenton & Fenton. Middle: Wood sculptural objects from West Elm. Right: Cambio Pinhole downlight.

4. Redefining illumination with wall lights

In 2024, the approach to ambient lighting takes a turn. Moving away from the traditional reliance on downlights, which often results in over-illumination and stark atmospheres, the focus shifts towards the subtle elegance of wall lights. Serving as uplights that bounce light around a room, they introduce a more delicate and nuanced lighting scheme that enhances the ambiance of a room and add more depth, character and warmth.

Mueck wall light facing upwards to shine upwards, Bellucci uplight on a white wall
Left: Mueck tilting wall light. Right: Simple but effective Bellucci uplight.

5. The dawn of smart lighting

As we venture deeper into the era of smart homes, lighting takes on a more intelligent and adaptive role. 2024 sees a significant surge in lighting that's as functional as it is intuitive, syncing seamlessly with our daily rhythms. Think: lights that respond to the time of day, dimming and shifting to warmer tones as evening approaches, crafting an environment that aligns with our natural circadian rhythms. Products with dimming and  tri-colour options for customisation are your entry point. This human-centric lighting trend is all about creating lighting that responds to our needs, enhancing our wellbeing and comfort at home.

Timbre Dim to Warm downlight, living room with dark walls, ceilings and furniture.

Left: Timbre Dim to Warm downlight. Right: A Metricon living room fitted with dimmable Vega track lights.

6. Appreciating nature's palette

Once more, nature triumphs. In 2024, you’ll notice the embrace of materials like marble, timber and glass infusing our homes with the essence of the natural world. Fixtures made from these elements not only provide function, but become statements in their own right. Each piece narrates a distinct story, revealed through its unique textures and hues. These finishes introduce an organic charm that blends contemporary design with nature's enduring beauty. Our Baylor Single and Baylor Double wall lamps feature natural marble with an edgy metal frame.

Baylor Single wall lamp, a mood board with various natural materials such as marble, stone and timber, and Baylor Double wall lamp.

Left and right: Baylor Single and Baylor Double marble and metal wall lamps.

7. The evolution of the home office

Since the pandemic, the concept of a home office has undergone a dramatic transformation. Far from being a makeshift corner, it has evolved into a deliberately designed, essential part of modern homes. Four years later, remote work is a trend that's here to stay. This evolution spotlights the rise of ergonomic furniture, prioritising ease and efficiency, coupled with sophisticated task lighting for the ultimate focus. This combination not only brightens the space but also elevates the overall work environment, combining functionality with a hint of sophistication — necessary for those client Zoom calls.

Home office with mid toned timber cabinets and under cabinet lighting, a small corner of a home office with black pendant lamp shining down on table.

Left: GDP Interiors kitted out this home office with under-cabinet strip lighting and the Asan wall light. Photography by Kate Hansen Photography. Right: Pivot Cone pendant with tilting shade.
In embracing these trends, we're not just keeping up with the times, but evolving our space to reflect how we want to feel. So, which idea will you be incorporating into your next project?