Latest Decorative and Essentials catalogue

Welcome these new arrivals that go hand-in-hand with our current Decorative and Essentials catalogues. We’re introducing favourite styles in neutral finishes, partners for existing products in another size and innovative newcomers to get excited about.
Access a digital version of the supplement catalogue here.
Access a digital version of the supplement catalogue here.
After a year of living with a global pandemic, we observed the trend towards more coastal and natural interior décor styles as a reaction to the desire for a sanctuary in the home. We’ve expanded our Caravan collection of decorative lights so you have more choice when it comes to styling laid-back residential spaces.
Hoyann 450, The Athy pendant and Aloha pendant.
Left: Current favourite Hoyann 450 in a new white shade. Middle: The Athy pendant formed with on-trend Vienna straw. Right: The organically-shaped Aloha pendant.
Within the catalogue you’ll also find companions to our practical Essentials range, such as additional exterior lights, ceiling lights and the latest in technologically-advanced downlights. There are four new attractive reading lights that can be used for task or accent lighting, depending on where you choose to direct the beam.
 Retractable downlight, Atwood and Falun wall light.
Left: Retractable downlight Perri 7W. Middle: Atwood, one of our reading lamps with a reticulating light source. Right: A stylish update to the Falun wall light.
And we’re unveiling products that have been waiting in the wings as we perfected their development. We are proud to present our popular ceiling fans with lights, along with some decorative pendants that we’ve been refining.
Linear pendant, Sayville pendant and Luna ceiling fan
Left: Locally-made linear pendant, Cora 12 in American Oak. Middle: The Sayville pendant was designed to partner with other traditional pieces. Right: Popular Luna ceiling fan with 24W light.
As we prioritise quality materials, diverse lighting technology and a full complement of products, you have even more options to find the perfect fit for your next project.  Access a digital version of the supplement catalogue here.